Emmitt Smith Speaks From His Stupid Ivory Tower

Since DMac and Felix were package deals at Arkansas, we didn’t think you’d mind seeing a couple posts in the same day about the dynamic duo. ESPN writer Calvin Williams, who, like his Twitter avatar, might also be blurry in real life, reported that Emmitt Smith along with Troy Aikman, and Michael Irving were on Rich Eisen’s podcast today and Emmitt had this to say about Felix Jones:

“And then when you look at the running back corps, they have two good guys – very good guys – and either one of them can shoulder the load and shoulder the burden at any point in time,” Smith said. “We need Felix Jones to step up because we know DeMarco Murray can make it happen. We need Felix to step up a little bit – that’s a true statement.”

Pretty strong statements from a guy who only has and handful of credentials:

THAT’S NOT THE POINT! And the fact that Felix is getting called out by a Cowboy great in his contract year is not event the point. The point is Emmitt Smith still doesn’t know how to talk. THE BURDEN AND THE LOAD ARE THE SAME THING, YOU SCIENTIST!

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