What If Bobby Petrino Was On Pinterest?

When it comes to social media, no one is impervious to it’s allure. Except my granddad. But he was stationed in hut in Alaska during the Cold War as a code breaker so the only thing social that he would want any part of would be ping pong. THAT’S NOT WHAT I’M GETTING AT.

What we are getting at is the fact that people cannot help but be a part of these networks no matter how stupid they may seem. You’re going to sign up for Instagram, I got news for ya. But Pinterest being the stupidest, what if the sports world had pinboards you could follow? What would we see? Well, we’re busting ass over here at TSD during this summer lull and decided to put down 50 Shades of Grey and do some investigative work. We got a Pinterest account and what we found was slightly disturbing. Take a look at some of the “friends” we found.


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