INFOGRAPHIC: Top College Football Rivalries

With conference expansions comes change. With change comes Pepsi. (STUPID ARKANSAS STUDENT BODY AND SEXY CONTRACTS) But the SEC’s 6-1-1 schedule also comes with change putting some great rivalry games in the lurch. For the most part the marquee match ups will stay intact, some others will come around every three to four hundred years or something. I don’t know. I wasn’t in Destin so back off. Anywho, below is a quick overview of the rivalries that were and still are.Surprisingly, there’s no trophy for half of these. Pitt vs. WVU should award the victor of the “Backyard Brawl” a little thing I like to call, “The Golden Map” which features the one or two roads that takes them anywhere but back to Pittsburgh or Morgantown. Florida vs. Florida State should be the “Magic Humidity Buster” which is a bejeweled window A/C unit. Oh, and all the players on the winning team should get a free sub at Publix because those things are just ridiculous.


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