The NBA Playoffs (Where Conspiracies Happen)

Image  These have been the best conference finalz on both sides maybe ever (in my lifetime)?  Both the Celtics and Thunder have reeled off 3 Wz in a row and stolen home court advantage.  That isn’t supposed to happen, that never happens in the Rigged NBA!?

The drama haz been unreal and these playoffs for the first time in awhile have been unpredictable!  The Conference finals started w/ the rigged lottery and Stern’s used car salesmen pitch to the new owners of the Hornets being, “act now, we’ll give you a low APR% and throw in the #1 draft pick.” Shortly followed by the Heat and Spurs taking a 2-0 lead in their best of 7 series.  It waz all but over.  The star driven Heat and the fundamentally sound dynasty known az the SA Spurs were gonna battle it out in the Finalz.  That’s what the NBA wants and we all know Stern gets what Stern wants.  The refs were giving the calls to the the favored teams and that waz that.  Then some how along the way, team ball and toughness prevailed, calls were changing and the underdogs reeled off not 1, not 2, but an improbable 3 gamez in a row w/ the last being on the road!  Now the argument iz that this iz actually what Stern wanted.  A historic franchise in the Celtics and an expansion team w/ the starz of the future!  Honestly, I don’t think the NBA has a preference for what teams get into the final series.

The real problem is David Sterns’ arrogance and the way the whole officiating system is set up.  First off, these guys are human.  So they go into these gamez afraid of getting the home fans agitated and hostile from the beginning. They understand that if the fans lose their cool in the 1st quarter, it’s going to be a long  and stressful evening.  So they are quick to blow the whistle against the road team.  This can change the dynamics early, if a starter has to go to the bench early in the 1st w/ 2 fouls it can throw him out of rhythm all game.  Now as the game goes along, referees seem to be trying to make the fair call.  Throughout the games a relationship w/ the alpha-male athletes start to take shape, w/ the stars getting preferential treatment and newbies being treated like they are pledging to get the refs approval.  Some of these refs can be intimidated by this, then some can hold a grudge by the way they were approached.  Just like relationships in the office matter, the same can be said on the court.  These pre-judgements can have a lasting factor when crucial calls come to the surface late in games.  Then there is the whole aspect of being in the game.  Peripheral vision is important when playing sports and it is no different when referring.  There are a lot of things going on and being able to see something out of the corner of the eye can be game changing, but there is a difference of actually seeing the play and seeing a player flop.  Blow the whistle on what you see, not what you think you saw.  Either way, the selection process should be more open then just the NBA grading and evaluating the refs.  The players should have a voice and vote on officials they like, the media should also have a say on this matter as well, but the biggest problem w/ the referee crisis going on in all 3 major sports in the U.S.?  The lack of figure heads for this position.  This role is hated by most of the fans and part of the argument iz the fact that people don’t think that the average ref has the knowledge required to be in the important position that affects the outcome of games!  It blows my mind that these billion dollar businesses haven’t proactively gone after retired players to feel this role?! You are putting a person on the floor that already has the respect from the current players, someone who knowz what is going on in “the game within a game” and because they used to be the Alpha Athlete, he can be the captain and leader of the group w/ fellow refs backing as they roll into the hostile environment that iz the home crowd!  If you had 1 former player on the court for each game no matter what sport, there would be less self-doubt and more support!

The BIGGEST EPIDEMIC in the NBA these dayz though would have to be the lenseless framez players have rolled out during the #PodiumGame – C’mon man! Image #PREACH

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