BUILD YOUR TAILGATE: 92 Things To Own Before Kickoff #85

This is an ongoing series where we’re going to help you build a tailgate from the ground up. We’ve got 92 things for 92 days and we’re going to try to keep this thing reasonable as far as costs go. Some items are sexy, some are necessities and we want to help make sure you’re ready to host a proper party come August. OH C’MON! LIKE THERE’S SOMETHING ELSE GOING ON BETWEEN NOW AND AUGUST!

Custom Personalized Styrofoam Cups – Set of 100 – $60 (Online)

Yeah, Solo cups are always the default, but unless you want everyone annoying you with, “Hey man, you heard that song yet?”, you’re probably gonna want to roll with something that makes a little more of a statement. So what better way to destroy the environment than with your very own custom styrofoam cups. Look, if you want to drink Jack and Coke Pepsi with your ice melting faster than a Kardashian’s face in the Cali sun, then go right ahead and grab that Solo. But if you’re wanting a hot toddy or coldee, and you want it to stay that way, pick up a case of these.

28 ink colors to choose from
36 font choices - script, block or just plain fun!
Several monogram styles
Largest selection of accents and borders
Dozens & dozens of clip-art designs
3 sizes of cups, 16 oz, 20 oz, 24 oz
and if that’s not enough, send us your artwork, and we will custom design a cup for you!

 AVAILABLE HERE: Gracious Bridal

INFOGRAPHIC: Top College Football Rivalries

With conference expansions comes change. With change comes Pepsi. (STUPID ARKANSAS STUDENT BODY AND SEXY CONTRACTS) But the SEC’s 6-1-1 schedule also comes with change putting some great rivalry games in the lurch. For the most part the marquee match ups will stay intact, some others will come around every three to four hundred years or something. I don’t know. I wasn’t in Destin so back off. Anywho, below is a quick overview of the rivalries that were and still are. Continue reading