BUILD YOUR TAILGATE: 92 Things To Own Before Kickoff #84

This is an ongoing series where we’re going to help you build a tailgate from the ground up. We’ve got 92 things for 92 days and we’re going to try to keep this thing reasonable as far as costs go. Some items are sexy, some are necessities and we want to help make sure you’re ready to host a proper party come August. OH C’MON! LIKE THERE’S SOMETHING ELSE GOING ON BETWEEN NOW AND AUGUST!

Retractable Awning Canopy – $330 (By phone or local retailer)

If your tailgate party resides on asphalt instead of earth, chances are you don’t have the real estate for a pop-up, 4-legged tent. If you think you do, I’ll go ahead and break it to you, the people parking on either side of your party hate your guts. Today’s post should solve that issue by attaching the same pop-up style tent to your car’s roof rack. Whether you’re just looking for shade for your food spread or need to keep your electronics out of the sun, this is a great solution for parking lot tailgaters.

Attaches to roof rack easily
Once stowed, canopy rides on car rack
Similar to 9′x9′ pop-up tents
Several Collegiate canopies to choose from

AVAILABLE HERE: 770.318.6078

BUILD YOUR TAILGATE: 92 Things To Own Before Kickoff #92

Well, here we are folks. 92 days out from that special time of year where whiskey and coke tastes a little sweeter. That time of year where you say some horribly inappropriate things to a total stranger because of aforementioned whiskey and coke(s). That time of year where you really hope no one noticed you slept on the Pi Phi lawn. That time…ok I can’t do this anymore. 

In preparation for this magical season, you need to be arming your tailgate slowly over the next few weeks in order to provide friends and family (and probably total strangers) an experience that will keep them coming back. Depending on your generosity, that could be a good or bad thing. So here’s what we’re going to do: Continue reading